Publicado por: Ana | Setembro 15, 2005

Why can’t life be like this?
Why can we just look in each other eyes and feel that love is a powerful chain that can never be broken?
Sometimes, at sunset, I look at the fields covered with orange autumn leaf’s and hope that,somewhere, I’ll fall asleep as the sun and, with me, all the problems sleep as well.
And my last words would be: ” Wake me up when September ends”.


  1. Hi there, just jumping around the blogs looking for some ideas to improve my blog and landed on yours. I like the way you have laid it out. It has given me some good ideas, thanks. My blog isn’t up to much but I have a really good positive affirmations site. (It helps people achieve their Dreams). Check it out if you get the time 🙂 Anyway keep up the good work and I’ll try and get back here soon. Have a really good day.

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